Buy a house with no money down? It is possible!


USDA – You might have heard that it is possible to buy a house with no money down! Well it is if you are a veteran – you can apply for a certificate of eligibility and probably purchase with no money down!

What if you’re not a veteran? You could still purchase with no money down but it would need to be a home in a USDA designated geographic area. US Department of Agriculture has a lot of programs. Rural Development is the one that covers housing. There is a program for low income people living in eligible areas. There is also a program for people who are interested in purchasing in eligible areas. Rates are on the low side which also helps.

Interestingly, not all the eligible areas are farmland type places. Etters and parts of New Cumberland are great examples. There are even areas of Mechanicsburg that are eligible. Eastern parts of Harrisburg are eligible, all of Boiling Springs and all of Perry county!
USDA loans are actually pretty fabulous. I recently took a class with the Housing Programs Director of the Pennsylvania State Office Rural Development. Learned a lot now I’m sharing with you.

Look up any address here: First agree to the terms, then input the address you are interested in – it will tell you right away if the property is USDA eligible. There is also a nice map that shows eligible areas & non-eligible areas.

You can work with a lender to get financing in place, or in cases of low income, you can work directly with the USDA.
It’s a government program so you may need to strap on a seat belt and be prepared. They have made a lot of progress with their turnaround times for approval recently so it could definitely work.

USDA also has programs for business loans, home repair loans, loans for senior housing and more. I was amazed to see what is out there. Their mission is Rural Development to build communities. 

Too much detail – just call us at 717-379-4479. We will do the leg work. We will find an eligible property, point you in the direction of a great lender and get you the house you want!