How We host a Kick Ass Open House!

Real Estate

Need  to get as many buyers in the door as possible?  


Let us host a very successful open house!  Over the years I've hosted many, many open houses with varied success. I've had as many as nine interested families through my open houses on any given Sunday. I've had only one family come through.  Many of my friends/prior clients come visit and I love to see them!

The very best open house we've ever held happened recently and the house went under contract in one day. That's right - one day.  Action creates action. Here is how we do it:

1) Schedule the Open House enough in advance to get the word out.

2) Schedule a fabulous Artist or more than one who would like to show their work at the Open House.

3) Advertise the Open House through the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, local sights - Craigslist for the daring ones and of course Facebook.

4) Plan on music and food to help people enjoy the Open House & Art Show.

5) Post signs well in advance so that buyers can plan their visit.

6) Facebook boost to the demographic needed.

7) Add balloons on the day of open house & pull it all together. 

8) Have guests sign in for follow up!


That's it - it is just that simple!

A worthwhile Open House that will yield results takes careful planning, execution and follow up. The Tess Bockes Team is here for you to help with all those details.  We can list your property, market the heck out of it, get it under contract and bring it to closure.  Call today! 717-379-4479