Move or Expand? Can You Survive a Remodel?

Real Estate

Do you have what it takes to get through a remodel? Or would it be easier to just buy a new house??

I've been through both remodel, home sales and purchases, many times. Remodeling and home construction is not for the faint hearted. On the plus side of a remodel you get to pick the style, colors, fixures everything your budget can handle. After a period of time with lots of dust, many decisions and hopefully not too many suprises, your remodel will eventually be completed. Then you have years and years to enjoy the end result. ON the flip side of that coin a remodel will definitely require patience. I've had family members permanently stationed on the living room couch while a new bedroom was built. I've had a makeshift kitchen on a couple shelves in the dining room while we awaited the fate of our new kitchen.  Both kitchen & bedrooms came out fabulous - but they weren't cheap. A remodel will cost you - how much is what you need to determine first before any plans are made.

It can really be a fun experience deciding what you want the new space to look like, to feel like. Choosing colors and fixtures and textures can be very enjoyable. Waiting for those colors fixtures and textures to be completed can be nerve racking.

Buying a house can be similar. With a good agent you get the benefit of experience, knowledge and hand holding even when you need it.

If you are considering a remodel & need to find financing - We can point you in the right direction of an excellent lender.

If you are considering moving to a larger space, a smaller space or any space - give us a call - we can help!