Petey Needs a Home - He's our Dog of the Week!

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Welcome to Dog of the Week!


As a Real Estate professional I am focused on helping people sell homes and helping people buy homes.  In my spare time I also help dogs find homes & help people find dogs!

Pete is a sweet young man who hasn't really had a chance at a happy life yet.  He is a small dog approximately one year old and he weighs only about 12 pounds.  He is underweight and his foster parents have been working on getting him up to speed.  He has a lot of energy to play, but he also enjoys cuddling and quiet time.

Pete came to the rescue by way of a phone call one evening. A nice woman from the country said she had a dog that she could not keep. We talked about the dog for a while and then I asked her how long she had the dog. She replied - 24 hours! So I had to ask, where did you get him. She told me that she got him from a friend. It turned out the friend had also gotten him from a friend. Poor Pete had been passed around from house to house, until he came to the Rescue.

Once at the Rescue Pete was confused. He must have been really confused for a while with all the different houses and faces.  Now Pete is feeling more secure in a foster home but he still waits for the right person to come along and love him forever.  Pete has come a long way, he has manners and will make someone a great family dog!


Please contact me directly if you are interested in learning more about Pete, or if you know someone else who needs a really good dog.