Set the Stage for Successful Summer Entertaining

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Striving to host the perfect evening?  Looking for a summer getaway retreat?

Summertime brings an increase in both family parties and business-related social activities. Master the art of C-level summertime entertaining and have a good time while still conducting business.  Entertain business clients and associates with knowledge and confidence, using good wine and food as the ingredients to build strong and lasting business relationships, becoming somebody whom others will be attracted to and want to do business with time and time again.

'Power Entertaining' is using great wine, food and hospitality as the currency for creating unforgettable events, fostering strong business relationships, and instilling in people the desire to do business with you and your company or organization. According to Eddie Osterland, America's first Master Sommelier, an internationally acclaimed expert in the culinary arena of food and wine "Success is always in the details, so master the finer points of entertaining before your next big business event."

Eddie teaches how to transform boring business meetings and sales functions into memorable social events that people will want to attend again and again. His courses help build long-term business relationships based on the time-honored principles of courtesy, generosity and old world hospitality.


More Tips for hosting a Wildly Successful Social Event:

1) Have the perfect setting.  This gracious home at 2390 Forest Hills Drive is 10000 square feet of entertaining and living spaces with a gracious French Colonial style and large outside living areas.

2) Set service expectations well in advance of the event and again on the day of the party. Meet the heads of the service teams who will staff your event. Introduce yourself to the head of the catering team, be clear on your requirements and give them a feeling for the kind of hospitality you offer your guests.

3) Make it memorable!  For business functions brand as much as possible. Feature your company’s name on cocktail napkins. Cupcakes, cookies and even the mints should have your logo. For family parties old photos make great conversation starters.

Most of all enjoy your event.  If you are looking for the perfect home for entertaining, you must see 2390 Forest Hills Drive, Harrisburg Pennsylvania. It truly is a gracious retreat with abundant living.  More photos here: